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06 September 2010

Love Is Bline

You see me every time, never see me smile,
Some days I’m lonely, going crazy in my mind,
He leaves me every night by my self,
He messed my heart into the pieces that it melt,
He doesn’t really care how I feel,
I try to move on all, I feel is fear,
He told me that am wroth much more
I just can’t walk out that door.
So baby tell my why you stick around
Always lonely and you only wear a frown,
He don’t treat you good and you know
The only thing left is far to go,
You shouldn’t live a lie with someone
When deep inside you know he aint the one
I don’t know what to say no more,
I wanna see you out that door.
I really don’t wanna see you cry,
Girl if you don’t know, it’s time to let it show
Don’t wanna see another tear in your eyes.
I can’t walk away
Let him go
Don’t know what he’s done to me
But I just can seem to move on
Girl your love is blind
You don’t understand that I’m scared
Scared that I may never love again
Don’t tell me it aint true
No no no

I know that there is some there for you
Someone that will see that you are worth
An undiscovered treasure an this worth
Girl you know you worth much more
I wanna see you out that door.
Girl your love is blind
Girl your love is blind
So blind
Boy my love is blïnd.

Ramzi ft. Preeya Kalidas - Love Is Blind [].mp3


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