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12 September 2010

Love IS hard to SAY


Love is something that can never vanish from your heart.
Once you fall in love, then you are in love with no doubt & question.
Once a person falls in love with you, never them go.
But if such barriers occur in the lovelife later on,
 one gives up one does not…
 you have done your part to fight the love back 
but still the partner is emotionally exhausted,
you have nothing else to do but to keep praying to  be patience.
The love will come back if you accept
 the hurt, pain & torture…

love is something that can touch our heart and can make
 us feel that we cannot live without love.
we need somebody to share everything whether sad or hepi.
without love, we cannot make something, because only with love,
we can get spirit,attention from somebody and also peaceful.
with love, it can teach us to appreciate somebody.
so, make sure that everybody that have special person need to appreciate each other.
love somebody because of thier heart n kindness not for their physically factors.

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selamat hari raya

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thanks...selamat hari raya juga...


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